GUITAR and Violin


All song songs below are categorized by book.  A note will indicate if songs can be played as Solo, Violin-Oke or Guitar & Violin style.

"Jazz Attitude"


Solo Violin, Violin-Oke, Guitar & Violin


This book includes 17 classy jazz pieces.  

Please indicate 'Jazz Attitude' if you would like to choose one from this collection.

"Swing Jazz Violin"

Solo Violin, Violin-Oke, Guitar & Violin

1. Chicago (Fred Fisher)

2. Some of these Days (Brooks)

3. After You've Gone (Creamer and Layton)

4. Sheik of Araby (Snyder)

5. Margie (Conrad and Robinson)

6. Swingin' Like 42 (Bruce)

7. My Melancholy Baby (Norton and Burnett)

8. Baby Won't You Please Come Home (Williams and Warfield)

9. Dark Eyes (Traditional)

10. China Boy (Winfree and Boutelje)

11. Swing in Minor (Bruce)

12. The Japanese Sandman (Whiting and Egan)

13. Rose Room (Hickman)

14. The World is Waiting for the Sunrise (Seitz and Lockhart)

15. Avalon (Rose and Jolson)

16. St. Louis Blues (Handy)

"Jazz Violin Solo's"


Solo Violin, Guitar & Violin

1. Ballin' The Jack

2. Darktown Strutter's Ball

3. Ida, Sweet as Apple Cider

4. My Melancholy Baby

5. Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh!

6. Oh, You Beautiful Doll

7. Peg O' My Heart

8. Pretty Baby

9. St. Louis Blues

10. Shine on Harvest Moon

11. Spaghetti Rag

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